FC Barcelona Sign Shirt Sponsorship Deal with Intel

Barcelona reached an agreement with Intel to become the Spanish club’s official technological sponsor, which Barca hope will help them open new avenues on that growing side of the sport. Part of the deal is for the company’s logo to be featured on the shirt.

Unlike most kit agreements, however, the Intel logo won’t be showcased on the front of the jersey. Instead, it will be located on the inside, opposite of the Qatar Airways logo currently gracing the shirt.

There’s a broader partnership at play here, with Intel providing the Barcelona squad with the latest 2-in-1 devices and other tech to turn the Blaugrana “into one of the most technologically advanced football clubs in world.” Though the financials of the deal have not been disclosed, Forbes reports that Intel will also be paying $5 million per year for the privilege of being associated with the globally renowned club and being able to imprint its logo at the quirky location.

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